"It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained."

Queen Elizabeth II

Training is the transfer of skills and knowledge. Empowering people to more fulfilling lives. It provides a faster route to success.  Delivers more effective teams and employees. Making staff feel valued. It reduces expensive and disruptive staff churn. All adding to the bottom line, profit. 

If you are a business that wants to improve with training, face-to-face or remotely, look at our range of programmes, including:

* Advertising: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

* Business Start Up Programmes

* Business Planning

* Business Sensing

* Effective organisational communications

* Customer Service

* Costing and Pricing

* Finance

* Financial Forecasting e.g. Cash Flow, P & L, BEP

* In-house marketing materials, adverts and communications production

* Interview Skills

* Job Search

* Marketing - research, planning and operations

* Marketing Skills for Your Staff

* Networking - face-to-face and digital

* Presentation Skills

* Pricing

* Sales

* Telephone Techniques

"Thank you for the wonderful session. It was a really great session." Dayo Williams

Flexible approach:

* Delivered in-house

* At a venue to suit you

* On-line (in the UK & internationally)

"I found your presentation very useful and the whole event very rich in information; I am looking forward to explore the ideas and avenues discussed. Many thanks." Adriana Bianca Bere - ABB Resources

Training: Does it stop theft?  Is training a cost or an investment?

What’s your view?   Discussing developing a new training package, with a valued colleague, the following thoughts sprang to mind. Thought you might have a similar opinion.

Why should you invest in training?

Well mostly it boils down to: how will this make more money/profit for my organisation.  I was facilitating the Finance and Bookkeeping Course for Wenta.  Why did the delegates attend?  They wanted tips on how to save tax, have less hassle with HMRC and not to have to cease trading because they might run out of money (often cited as to why 80% of ventures fail).

Training improves staff retention.  What’s this mean?

Yes, happy staff feel more valued.  The last thing you want employees to do is leave and work for a competitor or start their own businesses in direct competition with you!

It avoids staff “stealing” your clients, IP and company expertise

This, so often happens, particularly in the recruitment, IT, hair and beauty industries.  Does it in your sector?

Why you need to keep existing staff happy

This is particularly difficult as an organisation changes e.g. grows, downsizes and looks for cost savings.  You tend to lose your best employees first as they are more marketable.  Remember it costs you time and money to recruit, train, settle in new staff so they are as productive as an experienced team member.

It could be your people:

* communicate (internally and externally) badly causing friction and poor customer service.  Who wants to work in that atmosphere?

* are uncomfortable performing certain tasks: perhaps qualifying leads over the phone, producing marketing materials, networking or giving presentations.

* have information on what goes on in your business and how you can improve your profitability? Do you know?

Interested to explore further?

Enlightened employers value training.  Please contact Laurie Bernard, let’s have a chat about these matters on 07973 361 994 or LB@TheBSP.co.uk. Tell us and share your thoughts?