Improving Performance and Efficiency

If you are looking to start or develop your business profitability, you need business and marketing planning, strategy and operations.  Let's help your business Grow! Contact us with your name, business, address and details to see if you qualify for a Free Consultation!

Business consultancy services in the following areas:

* Business Audits and Reviews - see where you are and what to do

* Business Planning - the route to your success

* Mentoring - developing you and the business

* Critical friend

* Operational marketing management

* Strategic marketing

* Business development training

* Business sensing - mystery shop your own organisation

* Hackathon Facilitation - team brainstorming

Specialist experience in the following sectors:

* Beauty and Hairdressing

* Financial services

* Information Technology (IT)

* Online businesses

* Professional firms, including accountants, estate agents, opticians, solicitors, engineering and surveyors

* Retail (bricks & mortar plus online)

* Recruitment

The BSP Career-to-Business Programme

For individuals thinking of starting their own business

Are you leaving your job?  Been in banking, a professional firm, retail, distribution, manufacturing or the public sector?  Considering starting your own business?  Discover how your transferable skills will be your foundation for a successful future.  Now you can be in charge of your own destiny.

Would you be interested in a totally private bespoke transition service?

The BSP Career-to-Business Consultancy Programme, includes:

  1. Short informative one-to-one meeting
  2. Still want to pursue this option then more detailed intensive business development sessions
  3. Help with your business planning
  4. Individual mentoring whilst your career is transitioning - pre and post business start


* Sessions can be held face-to-face or face-to-face or remotely, via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, WhatsApp etc

* Pay as you go

We've helped thousands make the successful transition.  Contact Laurie for a confidential chat on 07973 361 994 or email

For Companies:

A Great Way to Keep Departing Staff Happy

Are you an organisation letting staff go?  Some maybe considering starting their own businesses?  Wouldn't it be great if they can get some assistance including:

  1. Short informative training session - to see if they want to consider starting their own business
  2. Those who still want to pursue this option can then attend more detailed training sessions
  3. Help with their business planning
  4. Individual mentoring to those who take this route 

We are experienced at providing help for people choosing this career path: through our own organisation and in conjunction with enterprise agencies.  Gillette utilised a programme we helped deliver when they moved part of their operation to Poland. 

To book or for more details contact: or call 07973 361 994. 

The BSP Career Consultancy Coach

The BSP Career Coach division, is an activity we have engaged in quietly since 1994 providing career development assistance. After all it is just marketing oneself as opposed to a product or service. 

Providing career guidance and direction.  Helping you to win that special job.

* CVs

* LinkedIn profiles

* Self marketing letters

* Career Action Plans

The proactive job search process!

Book your coaching today:

Call 07973 361 994 or email