How to Advertise

The Magic Formula for Advertising

There is a magic formula for advertising which I’m going to share. In the current environment you need to market hard to maintain and grow your market share. You need to maximise the response from your marketing budget.

Even professional creatives, who produce adverts for a living, find it saves time and effort if they spend a few moments writing down a few key pointers. Firstly, what the advert objective is, for instance to promote a special offer, build brand awareness or sell a specific product or service.

Secondly, a description of what will go into each section of an advert. Most good adverts follow the same structure - a formula called AIDCA. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction and Action. These can be highlighted in a few points, but, remember, in adverts, size, colour and visual impact are still important.

* Consider your audience’s needs

* Ask them a question. Tell them what problems (fears?) they, and others like them, face. Get their attention and hold it.

* Show them how you can help them

* Tell them the solutions they could adopt, and, in particular, the solution you are offering. Make it interesting to them.

* Tell them the benefits.

* Create desire. People buy the benefits of a product or service – what it will do for them, personally. Explain how you can save them money and time, simplify a task, be easy to use, save them hassle.

* Call to action

* Tell them what to do next

* Lead them to a decision

* Make the buying process easy for them

* Give them an easy reply mechanism such as phone or e-mail to book. "Instant results from instant action".

 Here is the magic template:

Use your headline to attract attention such as:

“Act now and save £££”

The subhead reinforces:

“So exactly how much do you want to borrow?”

Give a simply message of how the reader will benefit:

“What better time of year is there to…”

    * Reinforce visually with positive bullet points.

In the “Call to Action” tell the reader what they need to do e.g. “Call Laurie today on 07973 361 994 for your free marketing consultation”.  Of course provide all the relevant contact details including your web address.

Now have a look through Inside business and other publications for examples. Look at what looks good and bad and judge why.

Next time you produce an advert consider the impact from your customer's view point. Do they want to know your name or what you can achieve for them? Now you have discovered the “Magic Formula for Advertising” look to apply it to all your promotional and communication tools.