Case Study: Karina Leapman & Co Solicitors


Karina Leapman & Co Solicitors is a specialist firm of family and family collaborative solicitors formed in 1992.  Karina Leapman attended a business networking evening.  During this event Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership delivered an educational and entertaining sound bite entitled “Advertising: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.  Karina was impressed enough to ask Laurie if he could assist with their stalled web site.


A meeting was held to establish what made Karina Leapman & Co Solicitors special. Laurie then produced a Marketing Proposal to:

  • Act as a catalyst and liaise with the existing web design company
  • Help identify the purpose of the web site as marketing collateral for prospective clients to call
  • Assist in defining the uniqueness of being: approachable, affordable, experienced family lawyers preferring resolution not confrontation; often turning clients into friends
  • Suggest the style of photos to represent the firm’s ethos of being a “calming element for all seasons”
  • Provide content such as case studies to illustrate the range of services offered
  • Produce empathetic copy in plain English

Working with the existing team, content and layout were agreed and copy crafted.


The site was designed to be attractive, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.  When all were happy with the copy and the various iterations of the site went live.


“Laurie provided really relevant and helpful advice when we set up a website recently and I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Karina Leapman, Karina Leapman & Co Solicitors, 215 West End Lane London, NW6 1XJ