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Action Tips to Do Now


I've seen these great tips from Andre Nirenberg and just had to share:

  1. Write daily, specific, measurable outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. Every day review top projects and what can be done to move them closer to fruition.
  3. Set your priorities—what is urgent and what needs to be done now.
  4. Periodically, ask yourself, “Is what I am doing now the most important thing I can be doing at this time?”
  5. Establish place habits. "A place for everything and everything in its place. It keeps you organized.
  6. Create systems for forms, checklists, and repetitive tasks. Technology makes this easy.
  7. Complete what you start. Leave nothing unfinished.
  8. One hour of planning will save three hours of execution.
  9. Develop a “do it now” approach. Eliminate indecision.
  10. Pre-plan each week and allocate time to perform necessary functions.
  11. At the end of each day, create a carry-over list of items that were not accomplished. Keep your time log and list going so you can refer back to the undone items.

Regularly analyze your use of time. Adapt and adjust when required to improve your efficiency and productivity.

 Now Take Action

First write your list.  Then see more from Andre at: and for more help contact Laurie Bernard at The Business Services Partnership.  Let’s review you and your business.  Call 07973 361 994 or email me, and we'll schedule some time together.

How's Your Calendar Looking?


Putting your calendar dates together?  Here are some events that you may want to attend

Monday, 16th September 2019 {1st Day} Business Enterprise Course 9.45 am to 4.00 pm

Bus Plan Tree.jpg

At the Portobello Business Centre, 6 Canalside House, 383 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5AA.  This 3-day course will be commencing on Monday 28th March with Laurie Bernard CEO of The Business Service Partnership.  Then continues the following week 10 am – 4 pm with  Carole Pyke Director of Personal Brand Hugs and Stories.  Concludes on with including guest speakers.

For prices and discounts, contact or call 020 7460 5050.  More details at:

Thursday, 19th September 2019 Telephone Sales & Cold Calling 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

At the Maylands Business Centre, Redbourn Rd, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7ES. Effective selling is critical to business success, whether you are re-contacting existing customers, seeking new clients or trying to make appointments for someone else. It’s also a skill that can be learned. Do you find it difficult to make those all-important calls, to get through to the right person, know what to say and get results? To have the best chance of success, you need to prepare, have a plan, know whom you are calling and what you are trying to achieve.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

* understand how to make effective sales calls,
* have developed your selling skills
* have boosted your confidence
* written your magic script

Who should attend?

Business owners, managers, sales or support staff who are new to, or would like to improve their confidence in telesales and cold calling, want to become more effective and enjoy it more.

What will it cover?

* The benefits and disadvantages of selling by phone
* How to stay focused
* Contact Lists- stay legal; what to look for, bought in and home grown
* Introduction to telephone selling & the sales process
* Developing your script to get to the right person
* Make the phone your friend
* Emails that work
* Role play including how to use an Evaluation Sheet
* How to handle setbacks and rejection

Just £65 (plus VAT). To book places please email or call 01442 531002.