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Sweep up more than just leaves this autumn

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Is your business planning for a golden autumn or just working hard sweeping up the leaves?  The choice is yours.  To sweep up you need to have a plan, carry it out and communicate to your customers.

  It’s time to put your messages across

  Have you the right marketing in place:

 *  Sales letters

 *  Emails

 *  Blogs

 *  Offers

 *  Brochures, leaflets and fliers

 *  Web site content

 *  Networking pitches

 *  Social media, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter…

  Don’t Miss this Golden Opportunity

Take advantage of professional support.  Want help to produce effective marketing materials?  Contact Laurie on 07973 361 994 or email  Let’s help you sweep up for profitable sales success.

 What's Your Market Worth?

You’ll have your own view as to what is good value.  Do you value yourself, your products and services and your time?  If you don’t others won’t either.   Don’t under value yourself, your services and products.  If you sell too cheap, people may just feel you’re not very good.

Sometimes we need help establishing our confidence.  That’s where a mentor or coach comes in.  They’ll help you “know your market worth”. 

Negotiating is a 2-way process

Yes, clients often want to negotiate.  This is sometimes a cultural thing.  I remember bartering in street markets and buying a rug in Turkey for about 30% of the marked price.  That’s how it works there.

P9090258 (2).JPG

Here, if you are quoting a reasonable price and someone pushes you on the price take something away from what you are offering in lieu of the extra money.

 Assurance from Mentoring

We’ll tell you straight what’s good and what’s not.  If you are looking for an experienced proven mentor, to boost your confidence, then let’s talk.  Call your “critical friend” Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email LB@TheBSP.Co.Uk.

What’s the Point?  Do You Need a Critical Friend?

 Here’s an example of why you need one.

 Why do You Network?

 Essentially to get business.  Yes, it’s good to get out, meet people and exchange gossip, help and advice.  This morning I attended a friendly, local networking group.  So far so good.  Chatted to a few people went to exchange business cards.  Guess what several people did not have a card.  They said; “my business is new and I’ve not ordered any yet”.  Someone else stated; “I’ve run out and I need to pick them up from the printers”.

 Well, I know it was not just me because they told others the same story.


 The Point Is

 How many people will remember these people’s details.  How will they follow up and stay in contact?  Many businesses state that most of their work comes from past clients and referrals.  So, by just attending the meeting, it’s like eating a meal.  Good at the time and you’ll be hungry tomorrow.  You need to find ways of sustaining the relationship for when the time is right to do business.  Use LinkedIn, a follow up meeting, blogs, emails, Seasonal Greetings etc.

 What Other Basics are Missing?

 When running our own business’s, we are the boss.  The “buck stops with us”.  Who is going to be your “critical friend”?  The little nag on your shoulder.  That’s why clients engage us to review their businesses and mentor them.  We assist them to produce action plans, help them implement these key actions and when necessary give them a kick up the anatomy!  Not always popular.  But I work with several groups who mentor, coach and motivate me.  It’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off of and help with your direction.

 The Success of Mentoring

 We were mentoring a fresh business and I asked the founder what they account their success to?  She said we have mentors in different aspects of our business.  She’s gone on to be a successful serial entrepreneur, a UN Ambassador and has earned an OBE.  Not bad for someone still in her thirties!

 Interested in Mentoring?

 If you are looking for an experienced proven mentor, then let’s talk.  Call Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email LB@TheBSP.Co.Uk.

P.S. I've just reordered 1,000 business cards!  After all the newtworking season is here...

When did you last take 1 day out to work on your business?


What could you do to be more profitable?  Where can you turn to for great ideas?

Why not conduct a Business & Marketing Review, off site, perhaps at a hotel?  So, there are fewer distractions.  You should:

 * Look at the past, present and future

 * Identify the areas that need to be strengthened

 * Produce an Action Plan that would be timed and budgeted

If time allows develop some materials to help; perhaps for: goals setting, time management, financial planning or marketing etc...

 Naturally this is a service we offer clients.


 If so, please contact Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email to discuss your tailored BSP Business Development Day.

 Looking forward to hearing from you.

 A recent client said of their Business Strategy Day:

 Dear Laurie, Thanks for your swift reply and valuable advice.  It was good to meet and run through basics.  Plenty of food for thought and action to follow.  I am meeting with the potential client tomorrow so perhaps we will meet the goals sooner than we have set out…  Going forward I will be happy to review the plan over Skype.”

 If you don't act nothing will happen


You’re bombarded by hundreds of messages every day.  You take hundreds of actions every day.  Some are by reflex others because you are stimulated to act.

What actions have you taken to profitably grow your business?

Here are some suggestions:

*  Blog

*  Send a sales email or letter

*  Network

*  Distribute press releases

*  Update your web site

*  Review your business and marketing – produce a timed Action Plan

*  Work with your mentor to ensure you are actively moving forwards

There are many more.  The above list represents some of the activities we have helped clients with over the last month.

Act Now to Make It Happen

Let’s work together to promote you, your business, talk through your ideas.  Please contact me by emailing Laurie Bernard at The Business Services Partnership at or call/text 07973 361 994.