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 You Can Still Network in August


 Another great free Grim’s Dyke Business Club business networking event at the Hilton. Just because it’s holiday time for some, there is no excuse not to network.  Laurie Bernard is hosting a less formal meeting of The Grim's Dyke Business Club.  It is in the evening 6.00 to 8.00 pm, on Tuesday 8th August.  This will be in the Patio Bar bar/coffee shop, downstairs, at the Hilton Hotel, Watford.

 No fee, just buy a drink and/or snack.

For details or to confirm attendance, email:; text or call him on 07973 361 994.

 When and where do you do your business thinking?

You probably work well over 35 hours per week in your business but how many hours do you actually think about your business development?  Are all your thoughts just in the clouds? Clouds.jpg

Where do you do your thinking and with whom?  Then once you have had your “brain session” do you do anything about it?  Or does it just get forgotten as you become once more immersed in day-to-day issues.

Do you find this process works better when you have a catalyst, a non-judgmental, business savvy person, to have this discussion with?  Clarifying your “woolly thoughts”.

How to Make It Work

If this is the case, you need to consider business mentoring.  Work with a “critical friend”.  Produce a dated and timed Action Plan.  Then meet again 4 weeks later and review what is happening, what you have done.  Repeat this process every month.  Or otherwise you’ll reach the year end and you may have had a few ideas but most won’t have been actioned and your business has slipped.  The “doom clouds” may then be gathering.

Interested in A Bright Future?

Contact Laurie Bernard at The Business Services Partnership, to discuss how he can help you have “time for thought” and actually implement your ideas; email: or phone/text 07973 361 994.  Ensure there are clear blue skies ahead!