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Does a Mentor Help You Score More Goals?


Want to keep growing profitably?  Then mentoring is a great way to move up a league!

How to Get Started?

Firstly, consider what type of mentoring e.g. self, peer or a professional mentor.

Secondly, be specific about what you’re asking yourself to do, your resolutions; for instance: “to do more networking” or “use LinkedIn more often” are too vague.  Your goals need to be concrete and measurable.

Thirdly, invest time every week, reviewing how your week’s business activities are helping you achieve your goals?  Have a major review every month.

Fourthly, write your game plan or action plan.  Then you have a tool to measure against at your next regular review.

Want Help?

Contact experienced professional mentor, Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email  He’ll help you ensure you’re on target to score great business goals.

Are You Moving Forward?


What do you think Richard Branson said was his best career advice for young people?  It’s "Never look back in regret; move on to the next thing".  Like so many other Branson strategies this originated from someone else.  In this case his mother.  Yes, the best advice from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time has nothing to do with finance, or trending on social media, or hiring the perfect team.  It's all in the mind.

How do you disrupt this broken record, playing over and over again?

"The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures rather than putting that energy into another project always amazes me," says Branson.

Simply actively move on to the next thing.  Invest your valuable energy and attention moving on, not looking back.  After all is you were driving a car you will crash if you only focus on the rear-view mirror.  Plan your journey ahead; focus on your road to success.

So, let’s work together to put together your Forward Focussing Action Plan and help you implement it.

Can We Help?

Interested in focusing on business success?  Contact Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email to arrange your Forward Business Action Plan meeting.

What's in Store for You?


Step back, take stock and plan for your success.  An investment “working on your business not just in your business” will reap dividends.  Time for your business review.  Here are some key areas to look at:

 * See where your business is

*  Discover how to overcome your obstacles to growth

*  Chart where you want to be – set your goals

*  Build your Action Plan to move forwards

Can We Help?

Interested in brightening your outlook?  It's easier to plan together.  Contact Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership on 07973 361 994 or email to arrange your Business Review and Audit.  Places are limited.

How's Your Calendar Looking?


Putting your calendar dates together?  Here are some events that you may want to attend that I’m involved in:

Tuesday, 4th December 2018: Introduction to Enterprise Course 12.30 to 3.00 pm


Laurie Bernard is pleased to be facilitating this course again for the PBC.  Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Yes!! So, what is holding you back? This free 2.5 hours course specifically for people who want to put a "toe in the water" to find out what being self-employed might be like.

Laurie take out some of the mystery and the jargon leaving you with clear insight into what's involved. He’ll help you to look at what's involved, look at some of the lifestyle implications, and help you to identify the things important to you that you ought to consider before taking the plunge.

Not only that, he will tell you about all the other things PBC can do to support you and develop the skills you'll need.

Details from The Portobello Business Centre on 020 7460 5050 or email It’s at The Portobello Business Centre, Canalside House, 386 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5AA. What's even better is the event is provided completely without charge. Book here.

 Your Invited to a Friendly Networking Event

 20171003_190944 (002).jpg

This Grim's Dyke Business Club meeting, starts at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 11th December 2018. Relax and network in an informal business environment.  Promote your business.  Enjoy giving and receiving free advice, we’re all a listening ear.  Join in; share and care.

* Introduce your business

* Ask your fellow experts for advice

* Share tips

* Have a chat

The Venue

The Patio Bar/coffee shop, downstairs at Hilton Hotel, Elton Way, Watford WD25 8HA, on the A41, opposite Costco.  No fee, just buy a drink and/or snack.

For details or to confirm attendance: email Laurie Bernard of The Business Services Partnership:; text or call him on 07973 361 994.

We look forward to seeing you.

Diary Date:

Tuesday 8th January our New Year Networking Event.

Monday, 11th February 2019 {1st Day} Business Enterprise Course 9.45 am to 4.00 pm

Bus Plan Tree.jpg

At the Portobello Business Centre, 6 Canalside House, 383 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5AA.  This 3-day course will be commencing on Monday 12th November with Laurie Bernard CEO of The Business Service Partnership.  Then continues the following week 10 am – 4 pm with  Carole Pyke Director of Personal Brand Hugs and Stories.  Concludes on with including guest speakers from: HSBC Bank, Your Credit Union and RBKC Libraries.

For prices and discounts, contact or call 020 7460 5050.  More details at: