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Looking for the business growth specialists who are experienced in helping thousands of businesses with their business development? Want someone to take away the pain in your business?

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Seriously grow your business with experienced, professional business growth and marketing input, mentoring or a one off intervention. We'll develop a unique solution (pain killer) for you.


Wondering how to get your business moving and improve profits?

Looking to meet and exceed your business objectives? Discover how strategic and practical operational support helps you achieve your aspirations.

Let us produce your strategy with you. Our specialist teams produce cost effective professional results. Improve you and your team with training, mentoring (your "critical fiend"), advice and coaching.

From plans to results - a complete strategy to a one-off advert. The Business Services Partnership your choice as your business partner.


Specialties: Business Development, Marketing Consultancy, and Growth Strategies.

Specialisms: professional services e.g. accountants, solicitors, IT, retail, hair, beauty and training. Working with government bodies, enterprise agencies, businesses and charities.

Contact: Laurie Bernard CEO of The Business Services Partnership. the business development and marketing consultancy: 07973 361 994 or email

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Clients Say:


"Laurie is a very experienced business advisor. His advice works each time. He is also an excellent colleague and professional to work with. I highly recommend him."

"Laurie is a remarkable Business Adviser who manages to transform businesses to such a level that the business owners notice the difference."


"Laurie is a very good business adviser. With clearly broad knowledge and vast experience, being down-to-earth with common sense, he is quick to see the best way forward with persuasive, practical and candid advice given in an encouraging, witty, clear and friendly manner. Laurie also has a fantastic personality."


"Laurie is a great individual who provided me with sound council and helped me to simplify challenges. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and I would recommend him to any business where they need practical advice and a good sounding board."